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Voluntary Counselling & Testing Centre (VCTC)

VCTC is being recognized as a crucial component of effective strategies for HIV/ AIDS prevention and care. Implemented properly, VCTC has the potential of providing multiple benefits. For individuals, VCTC provides an opportunity to enhance one’s ability to reduce risk and increase one’s access to HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services. For communities, VCTC is a means to create awareness, mobilize local responses and reduce denial, stigma and discrimination. VCTC is an essential component providing a link between prevention and care.
At our Centre, an individual undergoes confidential HIV counselling to explore his/ her risk of HIV infection and exercises an informed choice regarding HIV testing.
Counselling in VCTC consists of Pre-test, post-test and follow up counselling. During pre-test counselling, the counsellor provides the individual with an opportunity to explore their exposure to HIV, receive accurate information about HIV/ AIDS and consider undergoing an HIV test. Counselling is client-centered and promotes trust between the counsellor and client. Clients are facilitated to identify and understand the implications of a negative or a positive HIV test result. Clients are helped to think through practical strategies for accepting the result. Post-test counselling reinforces this understanding and coping with the implications, especially of positive test result.

Pre-Test and consent for couples:-
• Information on the test
• Information of HIV transmission routes, unsafe sex, infected blood transfusion from parents to child (Window Period)
• Informed consent obtained for test

Counseling done by counselor.
• What is HIV/ AIDS?
• Prevention Method, Safe sex
• Family Planning
• Blood Collection
• Use sterilized skin piercing (for tattoos)

Post -Test Counseling, Infected Patients counseling
• Progress of HIV/ AIDS
• Living uncertainty about the future
• Safe sex
• Coping with feeling of loss and fears of future dependency, disability, disfigurement and death
• Whom to tell dealing with discrimination and on rejection
• How to maintain good health with ART treatment
• Referring to government HAART (Highly Active Anti Retro Viral Therapy) Centre

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