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 Accompanied by Jesus the Good Shepherd and the Good Samaritan, we are available and we become the Healed Healers for the sick and suffering so as to bring the Holistic Healing of God through our healing presence..


 Helping the sick and suffering persons to experience God as the closest relative who is present at the moment of pain and suffering
 Helping the people to experience God's compassionate accompaniment in times of loneliness and abandonment
 Being present with the people in times of pain to experience the presence of God in and through the presence of healing and caring community
 Helping the people to understand God’s healing movements from admission to discharge and afterwards
 Becoming good samaritans to care for the sick, beaten up by known and unknown diseases
 Becoming the good shepherds to guide them to good pastures where the sick can find holistic repose when they are lost and abandoned


 Taking care of the spiritual needs of the Catholic Patients (Mass, Confession, Holy Communion)
 Administering the Sacrament of the Sick to the Catholic Patients in times of critical situations and before surgery
 Administering the Viaticum (Holy Communion) at the last moments of life of a Catholic patients.
 Counselling every sick person, family people, healthcare personnel so as to help them feel God’s holistic healing presence for them
 Ethical Consultation in times of dilemma at the beginning and end of life and before any decision making
 Preparing the students and the healthcare personnel in Pastoral Care and Bioethics for a holistic care and support in dignity, sanctity and rights
 Preparing the staff in pastoral care to perceive the various problems of the sick beside physical ailments so as to refer them to holistic care
 Preparing a community of healed healers through training in Pastoral Care, Pastoral Counselling and Bioethics
 Facilitating a team of serving leaders to serve the sick compassionately
 Preparing a pastoral care team to visit the sick, the staff and the family in communion, collaboration and coordination


 Holy Mass:
 Holy Mass:
 Distribution of Holy Communion in the wards:
 Office Timing:

 Visit to the sick in the wards:

06.20 am (Daily)
06.30 pm (Mondays)
07.00 am
09.00 am to 10.30 am
03.00 pm to 04.00 pm
At Any Time


Rev. Fr. Dr. E. William MI, Ph.D.
Bioethicist, Pastoral Care,
Counsellor, Hospital Chaplain
HOD, Pastoral Care Department

Fr. E. William is a Catholic Religious Priest, belonging to the Order of the Ministers of
the Infirm, commonly known as Camillians. He was ordained priest on 30th
December 2002.

He did his Doctorate in Bioethics with the theme on Fertility Tourism for Commercial
Surrogacy in India under the perspectives of Human Rights. He did his Licentiate
(PG) in Bioethics, Licentiate (PG) in Theology with Specialization in Pastoral Health
Care, Masters in Counseling and Diploma in Health Care Assistance. He is at
present doing his another Doctorate in Moral Theology at Dharamaram Vidya
Kshetram, Bangalore.

He is the visiting professor at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (Bangalore), Vidya Deep
(Bangalore), Jnanodaya (Bangalore), Vinjananilayam (Eluru), Sanathana (Kerala),
Sanyasa (Bangalore), St. Peter's Seminary (Bangalore), St. Pius X College
(Mumbai). He teaches Bioethics, Value Education, and Pastoral Care at St. Martha's
Hospital and College of Nursing, Bangalore.

He is the member of Institute Ethics Review Board at St. Philomena’s Hospital and
College of Nursing, Bangalore. He is the HOD of the Pastoral Care Department in St.
Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore, and is the chaplain of the same. He is the member of
Association of Moral Theologians in India.

He is also a preacher, counselor, musician, ethics consultant, composer and
animator of priests, religious brothers, sisters and lay people.

Tel: 7829376311, 8151078677
Email: willimoose@gmail.com/pastoralcare@stmarthas.in

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