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Family Welfare

The determination of fertile and infertile days by the mucus patterns is essential. Women are educated to learn to recognize the symptoms of ovulation. Every woman has a safe period cycle which is a series of infertile days on which the sexual relationship may be acted upon by the couple without danger of conception.

• Success in pregnancy also depends on the understanding/ accurate observation/ accurate charting/mutual motivation.
• Each period cycle has its own pattern.
• Natural Family planning is practiced by accurate observation of the process of ovulation. Before you follow the method of ovulation certain situations and family circumstances needs to be considered such as
   having the number children in the family, the needs of the children when born, their lifestyle (food, cleanliness, education etc.).
• Counseling couples to foster love, respect towards each other, loyalty and empathy.
• Training MSW Students.


Mrs Lalitha Fernando
NFP Counsellor
Family Welfare

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