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Adolescent Clinic

“One Stop Adolescent Health Centre” for Teens.

Generation born with smart phones need more than just growth
Services Provided:
• Management of Medical and of Surgical Problems

Nutritional Advice:
• Keeping in mind that children require quality than quantity of food
• IFA supplementation
• Customised dietary advice

Specific Advice:
• Pubertal changes
• Menstrual problems
• Imparting information regarding sexual and reproductive health
• Cosmetic queries, Body Image issues

Teen Immunization:
Special attention to provide complete Adolescent Immunization so nothing comes between them and their dreams.

Health Risk Identification:
• To lead healthy lifestyle without the fear of life style disease
• Detecting and managing high risk behaviour

Counselling Services:
• Trained counsellors who can help your teens
• Coping with peer pressure, bullying, School/ College avoidance
• Dealing with stress in day-to-day life. eg – anxiety, examination stress, handling failure
• Teaching life skills
• Family Life education
• Handling social media effectively
• Career Guidance
We ensure you have easier access to the particular facilities you need


Dr. Shalini Ganta Agasthi
Senior Registrar

OPD Days & OPD Timings: Tue, Thu & Sat, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Contact No: (080) 40128270 / 241